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Tia Has a Bright Future Ahead

Eugene, OR — Longtime resident, Tia, loved growing up in a Cornerstone community. When she was just 7 years old, her family made the move into affordable housing. Today, Tia is a high school graduate, thriving in a new job and it’s all because of community members like you!

As a child, Tia always participated in the “Active Kids” program, taking advantage of making friends and partaking in fun activities. She remembers the first outing she went on with the group; a trip to the movies that she recalls as her favorite to this day. As the years went on, Tia maintained good relationships with Resident Services Coordinators like Guinevere. Tia said, “Knowing there was someone I could talk with anytime outside of my family was really helpful.”

Now 18 years old, Tia has graduated from high school and taken a full-time job at a local bakery that gives her a reliable salary, benefits, and an open door to the future. Tia was even able to finance a car for the first time all on her own! “I have no idea what I want to do, but my job gives
me great benefits and the option to go to college
if I want to,” she said.

Because of your dedication, young women like Tia can reach for their dreams and have a chance for a better future. Tia said that living at a Cornerstone community “gave me a lot of confidence that I can go out and do whatever I want and reach my goals if I keep trying.”

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