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Celia is living her best life, thanks to you!

Eugene, OR — Celia has a new lease on life thanks to wonderful supporters like you! Not too long ago Celia found herself at a local homeless shelter struggling to find housing. Now she has moved into a new home, started a new job and is happier than ever.

Celia said “Moving into my new home was the lifesaver I needed. My neighbors are awesome and I feel safe here.”

There are so many ways that Celia’s life has changed for the better. She has a stable job which she loves going to each day, she’s meeting new people and participating in resident activities. She recognizes that she is around other self-motivated people that encourage her to try new things.

Not only has she found a bond with her neighbors, but with resident coordinators and managers as well. They were there for her when she needed a helping hand to move in, helped her with her resume and talked her through some of her life challenges.

Your generosity gives people like Celia a chance to turn her life around. Thanks to you she is finding joy in her life again, something that was missing, but now she’s found!

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