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“We’re on track”–Shelley’s story

Shelley is such an inspiration! She’s a single mom who has lived at Richardson Bridge Apartments for the past 13 years. Although she grew up in the Eugene area, for 10 years she lived in Florida. There, she and her three children were homeless, living in a camper on a church’s property.

“We moved back when my son was diagnosed with Autism. My whole family is here and I needed help.”

That’s when Shelley and her kids were able to get their 3-bedroom apartment at Richardson Bridge. After divorcing her abusive husband, Shelley went back to school and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. She said she loved school because the subject was so interesting to her. She used to go on Ride-a-longs with Eugene Police Officers frequently.

Now Shelley enjoys a quieter life. She and her kids are huge Disney fans who love doing puzzles together. Her brother is a caretaker for her Autistic son and she has other resources in place to help.

“We’re on track.”

Your donations are creating the type of housing that helped Shelley and her family thrive!  With your help, she had a solid foundation to begin a new chapter in her life.

Would you consider donating today to keep homes like this in our community, giving so many other families a chance to succeed?


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