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Self-Care Saturday

Eugene, OR — Through our Healthy Homes programs, we provide services and resources that help our residents thrive. Recently, we have started a virtual Self-Care Saturday event for parents. From talking about the happenings of their week to having quality discussions about parenting, Self-Care Saturday is the perfect opportunity to unwind and connect with their community. This week the group gathered in pajamas to talk about some self-care tips. For example, they covered the importance of paying attention to one’s body and addressing its basic needs such as nutrition, movement and rest. Participants also receive a self-care kit, which includes a face mask and little at home spa items.

Gina, a member of our Resident Services team, hosts this weekly event to support parents who have felt isolated during the pandemic. She says,“It was also a moment for us to remember “self-care” is highly important during these times. It not only affects our physical health but also our mental health when we are taking care of ourselves.”

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