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Making Masks Fun

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With new state mask requirements and the back-to-school season ahead of us, many parents may be wondering how they can ease their little ones into wearing masks more often. Here are some tips for families to help their children get used to this new normal.

  • Make it fun! Masks can seem scary, especially for younger kids. Letting them pick out their favorite color, a fun pattern or their favorite character can make masks more appealing to them. Families can also make a fun activity out of decorating their masks with stickers or markers.
  • Practice with them. Ask your child to wear their masks for short amounts of time while at home. This can help them get used to masks while still in a familiar setting.
  • Be supportive. It may take a while for your child to get used to wearing a mask. Using positive reinforcement when they wear their masks can help. Praise them or use small rewards so they enjoy mask time more.

The pandemic has certainly given parents new obstacles and challenges. Hopefully these tips will help your family better navigate mask requirements.

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