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Impact Childhood Education

Eugene, OR — “A supportive and stable home environment can complement the efforts of educators, leading to improved student achievement. Affordable housing may foster the educational success of low-income children by supporting family financial stability, reducing mobility, providing safe, nurturing living environments, and providing a platform for community development.”

The Impacts of Affordable Housing on Education: A Research Summary

By Maya Brennan, Patrick Reed, and Lisa A. Sturtevant

Children need healthy homes and positive extracurricular activities. Cornerstone youth programs focus on movement, nutrition and preparing children for a lifetime of success through academic support and fun rewards programs. These activities can be the building blocks of achievement not only for the individual child, but the community they live in. The positive impacts of childhood education are countless. According to Mark Rank a Professor of Social Welfare at Washington University, “It is estimated that for every dollar spent on reducing childhood poverty, the country would save at least $7 with respect to the economic costs of poverty.”

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