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Diana Needs Your Help More than Ever

Meet Diana. She’s 71 years old and lives in affordable housing. She has suffered from tremors since she was in her 40’s. A retired nurse, she lives on $803 a month between Social Security and disability. Like so many seniors, Diana is struggling to make it to the end of the month on her fixed income. Especially during Covid-19, we’ve seen costs rising dramatically for food and other essentials. She is often forced to make the tough decision between buying food and her prescriptions and paying her bills.

“I don’t live like I’m wealthy. The bills and the cat come before I do”–Diana.

Now, due to Covid-19, she may not be getting another Cost of Living Assessment for a while which means costs are going up around her but her monthly income is not.

“I just don’t know how I’m going to do it. I can’t. You can never put anything away for an emergency”–Diana.

Unfortunately, Diana is one of many seniors who face these struggles everyday. Your donations allow us to continue to provide Extra Helping and ensure residents have supplemental food throughout the month as needed.  During Covid-19, we’ve been able to deliver food bags to the door steps of high-risk residents, like Diana.

Can you help us today by donating? Your generosity helps residents like Diana sleep a little easier at night, knowing there is help throughout the month. Click here to donate.

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