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Three Ways Affordable Housing Helps Families Climb the Economic Ladder

Eugene, OR —

“Increasing and preserving the supply of affordable housing and rental assistance in areas connected to good schools, well-paying jobs, healthcare, and transportation helps families climb the economic ladder and leads to greater community development.”

-Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding (CHCDF)

1 – Education

It is proven that where a child lives matters. Access to better neighborhoods early on in a child’s life can significantly increase the odds of graduating high school, moving on to college, and eventually creating higher earning potential as adults.

2 – Healthcare

The overall health of individuals improves with the help of affordable housing. Not only will quality housing provide a positive environment for mental health, but it allows for more safety from a physical standpoint. Affordable housing projects have fewer environmental hazards that risk endangering their residents. With a more affordable monthly payment, residents, especially seniors, can direct a larger portion of their income towards quality healthcare.

3 – Job Security

Economic growth comes directly from boosting families’ income. Affordable housing creates more jobs in the community and a greater likelihood that residents will retain their current employment positions. The local business economy directly benefits from affordable housing through new neighborhood customers and increased patronage for local businesses.


Source: “A Place to Call Home: The Case for Increased Federal Investments in Affordable Housing” – Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding

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