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Brothers and Best Friends: The Dynamic Duo

When TJ and I were younger, even though we were only a year apart, we attended different schools. TJ would “drive” me in our Power Wheels monster truck and drop me off curbside to catch the bus. It was only a few yards from our house to the bus stop, but I always felt safe with my big brother by my side.

You see TJ, is on the Autism spectrum. I didn’t really know what that meant as a kid, but I did know that other kids made fun of the special bus he rode. I remember thinking “don’t they know that only the strongest, coolest kids like my brother ride that bus?”

As we got older and I understood more about TJ’s limitations, I worried about his future. My mom, sister, and I have always helped him work toward the goal of independence.

Several years ago, we received a phone call that changed TJ’s life.  TJ’s rental application had been approved and he would be moving into a Cornerstone community.

Before moving to his apartment, TJ was fearful of doing things on his own. With help from family, his case manager, and Cornerstone resident service coordinators, he’s learned new life skills. Skills like riding the bus around town to get to his dentist appointments, his job, or even going to a movie.

Without Cornerstone Community Housing, TJ may never have been able to live on his own successfully. Just recently, while we watched Spiderman and drank a root beer, I looked over to see his giant smile it reminded me why I’ve always been so proud to be his little brother.

With support from people like you Cornerstone brings affordable housing to folks in our community on limited income. Maybe it’s someone like my brother, or maybe it’s a single parent working two part-time jobs and juggling online classes to make a brighter future for their family.

I believe Cornerstone is a beacon of hope for families and individuals alike, because they envision a community where everyone has the foundation of an affordable place to call home.

In fact, after experiencing their work firsthand for so many years, and believing so deeply in their mission, I recently joined their board of directors.

As the CEO & President of Partnered Solutions IT and Ruby Porter Marketing I’m using my talents, time, and treasure to support the work they do. This year we are hosting the second annual Timothy Joseph Classic golf tournament and we’ve selected Cornerstone Community Housing as the beneficiary.

Want to golf with us? Visit the website at to learn more.

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