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Mia's getting ready to distribute socks

Warm Toes, Warm Hearts

With a bright smile and arms full of colorful socks, Mia brings a splash of joy to the residents of Cornerstone Community Housing. In all shapes, colors, and sizes, these socks were generously donated during a successful fundraising event that included a sock drive organized by the Oregon Mortgage Association. It’s not just about keeping feet cozy; it’s about the community coming together to show they care.

New socks might seem simple, but they’re a big deal here! They keep feet warm, prevent blisters and infections, and make everyone feel fresh and cared for. Plus, there’s something special about slipping on a brand-new pair of socks that just makes you feel good.

The residents are all smiles, feeling the love and support from their neighbors. This small act of kindness is a bright spot in their lives, reminding them that their community stands with them.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who contributed to the sock drive and to the Oregon Mortgage Association for making it happen. Your kindness warms more than just toes—it warms hearts, too! Here’s to more moments like these, where little acts of kindness make a big difference.

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