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One of the ways that Cornerstone connects with residents is by offering financial literacy training and mentorship programs . Through the Healthy Home’s pilot Credit Builder program, we’ve been able to provide financial advice and training to residents that are ready to tackle their financial wellness. Recently, one of our volunteer educators, Brisstol Garcia, shared her powerful meeting with Jenna*,
and both walked away changed.

At the beginning of the meeting, Brisstol could tell that Jenna was nervous: “I began the financial discussion, sensing her fear and apprehension.” When Brisstol began discussing bankruptcy, Jenna told her as a last resort, she had filed for bankruptcy and that’s when her credit took a plunge.

“Jenna explained she was diagnosed with HIV and how she had been struggling ever since. She told me that after she was diagnosed her husband left her, she lost her job and was evicted from her home.”

Brisstol expressed her sympathy to Jenna, and was impressed by her positivity. “She told me, while smiling, that ‘Every day is a new one, and I’m alive today. So, what else can you help me with?”

Brisstol worked to put together a financial plan that would get the Jenna back on her feet. The great news is that she has been repeatedly coming to the financial trainings, and is now feeling secure about her financial future. Brisstol also has a renewed sense of passion for the Credit Builder program. “I was so thankful to be able to help this resident begin to repair her credit and stabilize.”

The Healthy Homes Credit Builder pilot program was made possible through community support and a generous sponsorship from our friends at Northwest Community Credit Union.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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