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Seven years ago, Erin had a dream. Her dream was an education that secured a brighter future for her and her daughter, Anna. When her employer wasn’t able to provide flexibility for her to attend classes, Erin knew it was time for a change. 

With an opportunity to attend Lane Community College, she jumped at the chance to move to Eugene. She secured housing, enrolled in classes and was excited at the life she was building.

Unfortunately, the housing she’d been counting on fell through and Erin found herself in a new town, homeless, with no car, and a toddler. Many people would have felt defeated and wanted to give up. Not Erin, she’s a fighter!

She knew her daughter was counting on her! Erin struggled to find a safe, stable home for Anna. Eventually, they moved into an affordable community that was a perfect fit. A community with other families and children the same age as Anna. A Cornerstone “Healthy Homes” community!

Erin was excited to enroll in Cornerstone’s Healthy Homes programs while daughter, Anna joined Active Kids, Summer Lunch, Cereal for Youth and other fun onsite activities offered such as Artie the Art Bus.

Since moving into her new home, can you guess what else Erin has accomplished? She finished school, secured a wonderful job, and is saving for a home. As a single mom, working full-time, she was driven to provide the best possible future for her young daughter. That future included her own continued education and her drive to be a strong role model for Anna.

For Erin, the positive force of community empowered her successful attitude and outcome! We asked Erin how she was able to keep moving forward during these tough times and she said, “Just when you feel like there is no one in your corner, in places that you least expect, there are people waiting to help you.”

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