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It’s not a secret that family transition can bring unwanted stress. Even joyous events like the birth of a new baby can bring uncertainty, worry, and anxiety, especially for siblings. In fact, that’s exactly what happened with six-year-old JJ.

JJ was thrilled that he was going to be a big brother, but as the birth of his baby sister neared, he began to exhibit some frustrating behaviors. His mom, Rebecca, noticed he was having trouble following rules and lacked the concentration to complete many of the tasks that before posed no problem.

That’s when our Family Resource Navigator, Iris Bicklser, got creative with JJ’s mom to find a solution. They decided that striking a few yoga poses and learning to manage frustration with breathing techniques might be the answer.

Because of a unique partnership between Cornerstone and Eugene Yoga, Rebecca and JJ received a generous scholarship and were able to take part in Yoga Play classes together. In just a few short months, JJ’s mom reported that her son had made a “total turnaround!”

He was using new techniques to manage his actions and emotions, his academic work improved, and when baby Jessica arrived he was calm, cool, and collected!

Thank you, Diane Butera and Eugene Yoga for caring so deeply for our community. When nonprofits and local businesses partner, FAMILIES SUCCEED.

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